Valuables Pouch (90103)

Take this full grain leather pouch to the club with you and use the divider to separate your money from your jewelry. Or if you play at the local municipal course, use the divider to keep your pennies separated from your nickels until you have a chance to put them in rolls. A word of advice, there are vending machines at your local grocer that make putting them in rolls obsolete. Technology strikes!

There are two ways to customize this product if you like. You can deboss the club’s logo and/or a person’s initials into the leather. (Debossing is a process to permanently stamp an image into leather.) Take a look at the image with the white box. It shows where the logo will appear if you select that option.

If you would like initials on the Valuables Pouch, they will be debossed in the logo location on the opposite side. There is a 5 character limit for initials.

Dimensions: 6.75" x 5.25"

Availability: In stock


Delivery: Items ship out in 5-10 business days

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